How to set a iOS wallpaper

Would you like to give the iPad a wallpaper for you lock - and homescreen that matches your school or would you like it to fit to the holidays? That’s possible with Jamf School.

This is done within Jamf School so you require an Administrator account.

 How to create a wallpaper profile for your devices:

  1. You can create profiles by navigating to the profiles section in Jamf School.  
  2. Click the “Create Profile” button and it will prompt you to fill out some fields for you profile
  3. Fill out the required fields and optional ones if you like.
  4. Next you’ll need to select which devices will receive your profile, this is done by selecting the device-group in the lower section of the page:  
  5. You can see which devices will get added when you select a group, when you’re satisfied with which devices receive the profile, hit save, this will take you straight into the profile
  6. Here you will find the wallpaper payload in the list of available payloads
  7. After selecting the wallpaper payload, press configure and you’ll be able to select which wallpaper the iPads should receive.
  8. You can additional add some text or variables (%Username% for example) to the wallpapers if you like.
  9. When you’re satisfied with the result, hit save and the iPads that were selected before you automatically start receiving the wallpaper you’ve configured.
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