Deferred Removal of Apps

With the release of Jamf School Version 6.5 we've added Deferred removal of Apps to Jamf School. This article will explain what this exactly does and how to deal with deferred removal.

What is Deferred Removal?

Deferred removal simply put is a 2 week grace period in which apps will not be removed from a device and instead will be blacklisted for 2 weeks before finally removing the App.

Why did we add Deferred Removal?

The reasoning behind adding Deferred removal to all apps is a safety net in case scoping or something similar goes wrong. Instead of instantly removing all apps from the device, they'll be placed in a blacklist. You can simply add the scope back within the 2 week period and prevent the user from losing all their personal in-app data on the devices.

How can I find out which apps are marked for deferred removal?

You can find out if the App is marked for deferred removal in a few ways:

By going to the device itself:


By going to the scope of the App that was removed:


How do I revert this status and keep the Apps installed?

You can revert the deferred removal by adding back the scope that was removed, or by returning the device to the smart group which had the Apps scoped.

How does this work for Documents?

Deferred removal does also work for documents, however, they won't be placed on a blacklist as documents can't be blacklisted. You'll have to head over to the document's overview to see if the document will be removed after 2 weeks.

What about the VPP license?

The VPP licenses are withdrawn and the App will enter its VPP license grace period (which lasts 30 days).

I have actually removed the App from the device and I don't want to wait 2 weeks before the App is removed, can I force delete the Apps?

Yes you can, if you go to the devices' Managed Apps overview, you'll see a "Delete deferred Apps from this device" button in the top right.

You can also do this from the App overview ( with a bulk action "Delete deferred Apps from devices":


Note: There's currently no way to disable deferred removal or to set a length of deferral yourself, this may be added in a future update.




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