Enroll your devices using Apple Configurator

From iOS11, or higher it is possible to add devices to DEP. Please check this article for more information.

Apple Configurator 2 will allow you to enroll devices in a supervised state into Jamf School Management System if you do not have access to Apple School Manager.

Keep in mind: When you enroll through Apple Configurator 2, students will be able to remove the enrollment profile.

To be able to enroll devices using Apple Configurator, you will need to following:
Make sure you aren't logged in with your Apple ID on Apple Configurator 2

Steps to take:

#1: Create a Blueprint to enroll your devices with

In order for you to enroll your devices through Apple Configurator you will need to create a blueprint that you apply to your devices, this step will guide you through how to do so.

First of all, you need to head over to the blueprints page in Apple configurator by pressing Blueprints at the top and pressing Edit Blueprints:


When you're on the blueprints overview you will have to create a new blueprint by pressing the New Blueprint button in the bottom left:


Here you can give your blueprint any name you like, in this example I will use "Supervised Enrollment" as example.


After creating the new blueprint you will have to prepare it, you do this by selecting the blueprint and pressing prepare at the top:


#2: Prepare the Blueprint

In this step we're going to prepare the blueprint that will be used to supervise the devices and enroll them into Jamf School.


2 Things: First of all, make sure you've set it to Manual Configuration and secondly, make sure you have Supervise devices checked, Allowing devices to pair with other computers is optional. Once you've this set correctly move on to the next screen by pressing next.


Since you don't have a MDM server currently set up in Apple Configurator we will have to create a New Server. Simply press Next on this screen.


Give the MDM server any name you like, in this example we've used "ZuluDesk MDM" for the Host Name or URL you will need to find url for your environment in your Jamf School environment under Devices > Enroll (https://manage.zuludesk.com/devices/enroll.html).


Once you've entered your Name and Host name / URL press Next.


Here you select the Anchor certificate for the MDM server, simple leave it on zuludesk.com and press next.


In this and the next step you will create a new organization, this will be shown on the Settings > General > About page of the iPad, this cannot be changed without erasing the devices.


If you're met with the above screen, you'll have to skip this pane, it's strictly for adding your devices to DEP. Press Skip and go to the next screen.


Enter the information of your Organization and press Next.


Select Generate a new supervision identity (This identity can be used to import to different macOS devices to managed your devices) and press next.


In this step you can select which steps will be presented to the user in the Setup assistant on the iPad. You can select some steps, all steps and no steps from the drop down menu. Select which steps you want to show and press Prepare.

#3: Apply the blueprint to your device(s).

After pressing prepare your blueprint is ready to be applied to the devices, exit the blueprints page.


After exiting blueprints and your devices are connected, select the devices you want to apply the blueprint to and press the blueprint you created before and press Apply.


If you run into the above error, it means there's already a configuration present on the iPad, press Erase to continue.

#4: Done!

Your device will now wipe itself and enroll itself into your Jamf School environment as a supervised device.





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