How to set up a Google Project for Authentication

In this article we will explain how to set up a Google Project to be used for Authentication

  1. Go to to create a new projectScreenshot_2019-09-19_at_14.03.21.png
  2. Go to the oauth consent screen -> scroll down to 'Authorised domains' and add the domain ''Screenshot_2019-09-19_at_14.06.12.png
  3. Go to credentials -> create credentials -> OAuth client id.Screenshot_2019-09-19_at_14.04.04.png
  4. Select 'Web application', then go to 'Authorised redirect URIs' and fill in the jamf cloud domain with '/onboarding/oauth' so it becomes for example ''Screenshot_2019-09-19_at_14.07.23.png
  5. After creating the credentials you'll get a popup window with both the client id and client secret, save these in the settingsScreenshot_2019-09-19_at_14.09.24.png


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