Ad hoc classes in Teacher 6.2.0

With the release of ZuluDesk Teacher 6.2.0 we've added ah hoc classes to ZuluDesk Teacher. This means that the teacher can create their own class of students within the app which can be used to push restrictions, start lessons, etc from.

There are a few prerequisites that need to be met before this works properly:

  • Location services need to be enabled
  • Location services need to be allowed for the ZuluDesk Apps
  • Bluetooth needs to be enabled
  • Location services need to be turned on
  • ZuluDesk Self service (Student app) should be installed on the student's device

After these are enabled and allowed, you can start using the ad hoc classes, this is done by heading over to the classes sections, here you can see a new section called "My classes".


Here you can create a new class and give it a name, description and color


After doing this, you can see your students populate the list, if this doesn't work the students can use the code set in the bottom.


Manually joining as a student is very easy, in the student self service, you can see that there's a Join class button found under the user's details


When pressing Join class the student will have to enter the code given by the teacher. This will make the student Join the class.

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