Shared iPad passcode policies

When you're generating accounts for your shared iPad users in Apple School Manager, you can select which passcode type is going to be used for these users, this is called the Passcode Policy in Apple School Manager. This can be done based on how you've added users to Apple School Manager:

Users created in Apple School Manager

When you create a user in Apple School Manager and select the user to be a student in one of your locations, you will be asked what passcode policy you'd like to apply to this user:


Users created in Jamf School and uploaded to Apple School Manager through SFTP

When you want to set the passcode policy in Jamf School you're required to first perform an initial SFTP upload and sync back to Jamf School. After the initial sync you'll have to set the passcode policy in Jamf School before performing the second SFTP upload, this is done in the user overview:


After changing the passcode type and performing the second SFTP upload to Apple School Manager you'll be able to create a sign-in for these users.

Creating a sign in for Shared iPad users

This step of the process is done in Apple School Manager itself. You can select one or multiple users and create sign-ins for them:


By filtering on the location, you're able to select all accounts in this location and create the Sign-Ins needed to log onto a shared iPad. This is also possible to do for a single user by selecting that user, and creating a sign-in for that user.


First Sign in and Simple Passcodes

When you first create a sign-in for users, they'll have to use the temporary password the admin has given the student when logging into a shared iPad for the first time, after this the student is asked to create their own Password:


Keep in mind that a full keyboard is shown here but users will only be able to use numbers as this is configured in Apple School Manager, and the following error will pop up if the user is trying to use other characters:


After the initial creating of the passcode and the user is logged in, everything is set up correctly and the next time the user logs in a simple passcode is shown:



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