Access Control List Changes in Location Support

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With this new addition to the ACLs you're able to create roles that you can later assign to administrators. This way you can quickly assign a pre-set configuration of rights to an admin.

How to create a role:

First, navigate to the new roles tab in Jamf School, found under Organisation > Administrators:


Once you're in this overview you'll see an overview of all the roles you've created. You can create a new role by clicking the Screen_Shot_2018-06-26_at_13.11.40.png button in the top right.

System Role:

This is a role that's automatically created by the system and can't be changed. This role has full access to every location. 

Creating a new Administrator

When you create a new administrator in your main location you'll have to assign a Role and Location to the admin you're creating.


When you're creating an Administrator in a sub-location you'll only have the option to select a role.

Default values

When you're creating a new role and don't set a value for a specific item, the default value is used.

Assigning roles

To assign the role to an admin user go to Organization->Administrators->Overview and then click the check box next to the desired admin name. Once you have selected the user or users click the "Assign Role" button that appears and select a role from the drop down list. Finally click the Apply button and that admin user will have their new role assigned.

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