Jamf School version 6.0 (Location Support) overview

Welcome to our 6.0 release of the Jamf School Management System in which we introduced Location support. In this document we will cover all the major changes that this update brings, these documents will have their own separate documents as well which go more into detail.


The biggest and main addition to version 6.0 is the support of Locations in Jamf School, this is an expansion on our existing Parent-Child feature and will drastically change the way these environments will work. These locations will be manageable from the Main Environment;


With multiple locations in your environment you're able to manage these from the Main environment, this gives System Administrators a much smoother workflow as you're able to push down Profiles, Apps, etc. to the locations from the same place rather than having to swap environments constantly. Check out our Document on Locations here for more information.

Access Control List (ACL) changes

With the release of version 6.0 we're expanding on our ACL list and we're adding some extra features, to read more about these features please refer to this article.

Apple School Manager Settings

The DEP token sync settings will no longer be found on the token itself, instead, Apple School Manager Settings will not have their own tab under Organisation > Settings if you've configured a DEP token. For more information check out this article.

Apps & Books

With Jamf School 6.0 and Location support there's three ways of distributing Apps & Books;

  • Uploading the token in the Main Location, this will make the Apps automatically available for every Sub Location
  • Every Location can upload their own Separate token
  • The Main Location has a global token for Apps that are available to all the sub locations and the sub locations have their own token for specific Apps.

Tethered Caching changes

After the release of 6.0, all the existing Tethered Caching settings will be set to disabled by default. If you had Tethered caching enabled, you'll have to re-enable it. We've changed how tethered caching works and you'll have to select a device group now for this, rather than it being applied to the whole environment.

Enrollment Changes


On device enrollment will now ask for an additional location ID when enrolling, Keep in mind that if you want to enroll in the main location you'll also have to provide a location ID.


Devices will be enrolled based on which location the device is in. This can be overruled by enabling  authentication, with authentication enabled the device will be enrolled in the locations of the user that logs in.

Apple configurator 2:

Devices will enroll based on the location in the blueprint. This can also be overruled by Authentication.

DEP / Apple Configurator 2:

You can also log in by using the location UD as username, that way the device will be enrolled in the correct location without having to assign a user.

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