Device overview quick action buttons

This article will cover all the quick action buttons found on a device's overview in Jamf School and what might be best practices or scenarios for these buttons.

Clear Restrictions Password

This will clear the restrictions password and restrictions set by the user on the device.

Lock Device

This will lock the device if there is a passcode present on the device, keep in mind that the user can always unlock the device if there isn't a passcode present on the device

Wipe Device

This button wipes the device, it is identical to wiping the device manually (Settings > General > Erase all content & Settings). This can be used to quickly push an updated or new DEP profile to a device. There's also two additional options you can choose when wiping a device;

  • Clear the activation lock along with the wipe
  • Allow proximity setup 


This will remove the MDM profile from the device, making it unable to communicate to Jamf School. This will keep user-data on the device. 

Clear Teacher Restrictions

Clears any restrictions set by teachers on the device.

Turn Bluetooth On/Off

Forces Bluetooth on or off. Keep in mind that this option is only available on iOS 11.3 devices and will only show up on those devices.

Enable Lost Mode

Enters the device in Lost Mode if there is an active connection present on the device. This will also give you a more accurate location for the device. 

Shutdown & Restart

Respectively restarts and shuts down the device when pressed.

Move to Trash

Moves the device to trash and removes any license assigned to it (Does not work for Perpetual licenses)


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