Frequently asked questions regarding giving an exam with Jamf School

In the following overview you can see some frequently asked questions about using Jamf School for giving an Exam.

 Criteria    Notes
Only the school is able to activate "Exam Mode". By utilizing "Single-App" mode or an "App-lock" the device is unable to access anything other then the allowed Apps/Websites.
1.) All network access (LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, Infrared, mobile) is prevented. ! Disabling LAN/WLAN is not recommended as the MDM requires an active internet connection to maintain the restrictions present on the device, however, it is possible to allow the device to only connect to "Managed" networks.
2.) All network access (LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, Infrared, mobile) is prevented. Since iOS 11.3 it is possible to disable and enable Bluetooth on a device as a teacher/administrator. Keep in mind this doesn't force it on/off as you need to use a restriction profile for this.
Exam mode remains active even when the network goes offline. The device maintains any restrictions set before a network goes down, whether this is a profile pushed from Jamf School or a restriction set by the teacher.
Are students able to leave the Exam mode unnoticed?  No, if a device is in App-lock or multiple app-locks, the student can't leave the app-locks themselves. (Keep in mind the following: You can bypass these app-locks by changing the time on the device. (MDMs currently have no influence on these settings as Apple currently does not allow us to make changes to them.)
Whether a device is in Exam mode is quickly and clearly recognizable even without network monitoring. If a device is in exam mode you cannot leave this mode unless the teacher or IT admin clear the restrictions, or the time on the said restriction runs out. You're able to check which restriction profiles are currently on the device by navigating to the said device in Jamf School. You can also quickly see if a device is in an App-lock on the device itself as it will be the only App/Apps available on the device.
Interfaces to external memories or peripherals are blocked. ! Physical storage devices cannot be blocked. (MDMs can't block the Lightning connector of an iPad), however, you're able to restrict devices connecting to Bluetooth and you're able to forcefully turn off Bluetooth on a device.
Internal camera's and microphones are blocked

You're able to restrict access to the camera by blacklisting the App or applying a restriction, both by Admin and Teacher.

Files created outside exam mode are inaccessible. ! This depends on which app. iWork apps (Pages/Numbers/Keynote) can access files already present on the device. So if these files are not wanted, they should be removed before the Exam.
Spelling checks and grammar proofing can be disabled. ! ZuluDesk Teacher is able to disallow the spelling check option in a prepared lesson (this doesn't work for every App; only Apple Apps). This could be possible in other third-party Apps (with a managed configuration), however, we have no influence on this as MDM and you will need to contact the App developer for this.
Is there a log of the Exams started? You can see when an App Lock started and what App(s) were in use on every device in the device's activity overview of the Apple Classroom App. This App can be used seamlessly together with ZuluDesk Teacher. (Please note that for every student there needs to be made a screenshot of the log, which can afterwards be printed.)
The Exam mode can only be deactivated by the school. As mentioned, only the teacher/IT admin is able to clear the restriction for an exam unless an end-time is set for the exam.
Is it possible to add a printer? Yes, there is the possibility of pre-configuring an AirPrint server on the device.


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