iOS 11.3 - Force Bluetooth on/off

iOS 11.3 comes with the option to forcefully turn on/off Bluetooth on an iPad. This article explains how to do this, and some of the best practices around this.

Where do I turn Bluetooth on/off?

Bluetooth can be turned on/off for devices in both Jamf School and the iOS app for Teachers;

Jamf School Management System:

For a single device this is possible in the device overview with the new turn Bluetooth on/off button: 


It is also possible to do this in bulk on the overview of every device:


ZuluDesk Teacher iOS App:

It is also possible to turn Bluetooth on/off in version 4.3+ of our iOS app for teachers, this is done in a class for every student or for a specific students with the Bluetooth button:


Best Practices

Profile restrictions and pairing with devices

Normally with the "turn Bluetooth on" option, students will be able to turn off Bluetooth themselves again. With the option "Allow modifications to Bluetooth settings" checked off in a restrictions profile, students will be unable to disable Bluetooth again.

Keep in mind: Students will not be able to pair new Bluetooth devices when this restriction is enforced.

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