How can I use Regions in Jamf School

It is possible to create a Region in Jamf School, these regions are used in Jamf School for several things which we'll go over in this article.

How to create a region

When you navigate to Organization > Settings you can see a tab on the left side called Regions:


Here you'll see an overview of all currently configured regions - You can also add new regions here.


  • IP Address/Range: This is the address used by the region, you can either add a single address or a range. Make sure you enter the external IP address.
  • Region Name: You can give this IP a name, this name will also be shown in, for example, the device overview.
  • Coordinates (Lat/Lng): This is the location you want to assign the IP address to, this region is also shown in the device overview

To add a region simply click the 'Add region' button and a new row will appear. To remove one click the Trashcan on the right-top side of the region.

How to use a created region in Jamf School

Regions can be seen and used in multiple parts of Jamf School:

  • Smart Groups
  • Device Overview (Region)
  • Approximate Location
  • Region based restrictions for the teacher App (Organisation settings)
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