How do I help my customers?


In this article we will cover some best practices and the best way to help your customers. It will also show you what to do if you don't know how to help the customer further.

Our ticket system and how to use it

Our ticket system can be reached by using the navigation on the left-hand side as shown below:


When navigating to the ticket overview you will automatically be shown all open tickets with the options to show other tickets.


All Tickets

In this overview you can see every ticket. This overview can be useful for looking at older tickets that have been handled by someone else.

My Tickets

These are the tickets that are assigned to you (if you work with more colleagues it is possible for you to assign tickets to them on the ticket itself by pressing the assign ticket button)




After the ticket is assigned to someone, they will receive email notification when there's a new response.

Open tickets

These are the tickets that are waiting for a reply from you, they have either been sent back from us or have been created by the customer.

Waiting for user

These tickets are currently answered towards the customer and are waiting for a reply from the customer.

Other Open Tickets

Other Open Tickets are tickets that are waiting for the end-user but aren't answered by you. This usually means we've responded to the end-user in consultation with you.

Closed Tickets

This is an overview of the tickets that are closed by you, the end-customer or us. This is so you always have an overview solved issues and tickets.

On-Hold Tickets

These tickets are put on-hold by us, this usually means it's a bug that's being worked on or something we have to find out and will provide information as soon as it's there.

The customer sends in a ticket, what do I do?

When a customer sends in a ticket you'll see this in your Open tickets overview;

  • If you can help the customer further with the issue, write your reply to the customer and press the Add comment and wait for user button.
  • The add comment button is for adding a reply.
  • If you do not know how to help the customer further and you're looking for our assistance you can add a hidden comment and afterwards press the Screen_Shot_2018-02-21_at_14.02.52.png button. This will make the ticket show up in our system and we can provide the necessary support.
  • If the issue is resolved and the customer is satisfied, you can add a comment and press the close ticket button. This will write a closing message to the the customer and close the ticket.

Note: a hidden comment is only seen by you and us. The end-customer can't see this reply. You can see if a comment is hidden by the Screen_Shot_2018-02-21_at_14.34.35.png tag in the top right corner of a reply.

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