Creating E-mail template for new Environments

This article is specifically created for resellers

When creating a new Jamf School customer (trial or licensed) you have the option to send a custom e-mail to the customer. This article will cover how to create one of these custom e-mails.

Go to the E-mail template page via Reseller Portal -> E-mail Templates and click Add Template. Here you can create one or more templates that you can choose from when creating a new Jamf School environment.


E-mail Template Example:

Subject: Jamf School login account for $companyName

Dear $firstName $lastName,

Thank you for ordering Jamf School. Your environment has been made.
Please login with the credentials shown below:

URL: $JamfSchoolLink
E-mail address: $emailAddress
Password: $password

Please see our
FAQ page for extra info.

If you need help please contact us via the Support page in the Jamf School environment.

Best regards,

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