ZuluDesk Parent App Overview

This article will go over the features available to parents when using the ZuluDesk Parent App or WebApp but before that you'll need to configure your environment to allow the usage of ZuluDesk Parent. We have an extensive guide on how to do this: How to configure ZuluDesk Parent (iOS & Webapp).

After you've set up your environment to allow parents to manage their children and created parent accounts they are ready to use ZuluDesk Parent.

Please keep in mind that the Child's iPad has to be supervised for the parent App to work properly.

ZuluDesk Parent App Overview:

When you first log in you'll see a dashboard of all your children and conifgured locations:



Here you can add locations which are used to easily define Recipes based on the current location. You'll receive a notification once your child enters or leaves the location.


Child Details:


In the child overview you can easily do a few things:

  • Device Name (Name given by ZMS)
  • Current battery charge
  • Current storage usage
  • Device model
  • iOS version
  • Serial number
  • You can also see the last known location in this overview.


Realtime Restrictions

You can apply realtime restriction to your child's device:


Note: App Blocker function for Social Networking, Games and Entertainment is based on the categories given to the Apps in iTunes / App Store.


AppLock will lock the device into certain Apps for a specific amount of time:



Step 1/4 - Recipe Type:

When creating a recipe the first thing that you'll have to do is select the location you want the recipe to be active:


Step 2/4 - Pre-Defined or Custom:

In this step you will configure your restrictions, wether it will be a pre-defined event (For example: Restricting games) or a custom event:


Step 3/4 - Define Date and Time:

In step 3 you'll be selecting what days and times this recipe should be active:


Step 4/4 - Confirmation and Details:

Step 4 goes over what you've selected in your recipe and gives you the option to name the recipe. 



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