On-Demand Apps, Documents and Profiles. How do they work?

This article assumes you know how to distribute Apps to groups. 

What happens when an App/Document/Profile is set to on-demand?

When an App is set on-demand, there are two things that will happen;

  • The VPP Apps and Documents will only use up a license when the App is installed by the user
  • The Apps/Documents/Profiles will be available to download from the ZuluDesk App

How do I set an App, Document or Profile to on-demand?

There's multiple ways to set Apps, Documents and Profiles to on-demand:

  1. Per device scope on an App, Document or ProfileScreen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_09.32.40.png
  2. For all device scopes on an App, Document or ProfileScreen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_09.33.15.png
  3. In Organisation settingsScreen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_09.42.34.png

Where can I access my on-demand Apps, Documents and Profiles?

Before accessing your on-demand Apps, Documents, and Profiles please confirm that they are ready to be downloaded on the device, to do this head over to the App that you want to be on-demand and look for the status 'assign only, not installed' on the scoped devices:


Once you see this status you'll be able to download the on-demand app, document or profile from the ZuluDesk iOS App on the device:


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