Creating managed configurations for Apps

It is possible to give an App a managed configuration in Jamf School, this requires knowledge of how to create property lists, check out Apple's official documentation About Property Lists and Quick Start for Property Lists for more information on property lists and how to create them.

To enable a managed configuration for an App head over to the App's overview page and enable the advanced option "Apply Managed Configuration".


Note: Each App has their own values - To find these values you should check to see if the App allows managed configurations. For example Facebook and Twitter have their own developer documentation on how to create managed configurations. 

Multiple Managed Configurations:

if you apply a managed config to an app, you'll see multiple tabs, you can create multiple managed configurations in those tabs.

If you add a scope you're able to select the managed configuration by clicking the cogwheel on the scope. You will also be able to select a default config.

Keep in mind that if a device is in multiple scopes, it'll use the managed configuration of the scope that was initially selected, and if the app is scoped by a teacher, it will pick the default one, if there's no default, it will not use a managed configuration.

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