Different statuses in Jamf School and what they mean.

In Jamf School there are several statuses that are used to handle certain things; In this overview we will take a look at what each status means.


  • Assign only, not installed: This means the Apps' scope is on demand
  • Pending: The app has scoped to the device but there's some reasons it hasn't pushed yet:
    • The device haven't checked in yet
    • Tethered caching is configured.
  • Installed (Managed): The app is installed and managed on the device
  • NotNow: Caused by the device being locked with a passcode.
  • Removed by user / 32 bit App: 
    • The app is really removed by the user
    • the app installation has been scheduled, but the installation command hasn't been acknowledged by the device yet
    • the App is a 32 bit App, which isn't supported by iOS 11 or newer devices.


  • Installed: Profile is installed on the device
  • Pending: The device hasn't pushed to the profile yet (This could be because the device hasn't checked in yet)
  • Failed: Check the activity log of the device to see the exact reason why the profile isn't pushed with success.
  • NotNow: Caused by the device being locked with a passcode.




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