ZuluDesk App Teacher Overview

- This knowledge-base item assumes you know how to assign a teacher - If you do not know how to do this please take a look at the following guide: Why do my teachers see the student App.

- The new ZuluDesk App has both a teacher and student side, this page will cover the teacher side of the app. To learn more about the student app - Please check out the Student App overview.

- This article assumes you have the latest version of the App distributed.

Logging in:

  1. When you have a teacher assigned to a device, this device will automatically log in.
  2. When you don't have a teacher assigned to a device, the teacher will have to log in manually by selecting the school and entering his/her credentials.


  • Assigned Apps/Documents/Profiles*
  • Messages**
  • Device Options*
  • My Classes
  • Prepare Lesson

* These features are in both the teacher and the student version of the app.

** Messages work slightly different on Student and Teacher versions of the app. 

Global features:

Assigned Apps/Documents/Profiles:

Here you can find everything assigned to your User Account. 


Note: Keep in mind that these items have to be configured "On-demand" in the scope for them to show up on these lists.



Here you can look at messages you've sent and received from students, you can create a new message-group for separate students but also for complete classes.

  1. Create a new message-group by tapping the icon
  2. Select a class from the list;
  3. Create a group with either all users in this class or select a few users you want to send your messages to;
  4. Select the message-group you've created as seen on the image below, here you can send messages to the students that are in each group;



Device Options:

It is possible to have certain options enabled or disabled in the App, these options are found under "Organisation > Settings > ZuluDesk Student & Teacher":

Student Options: 


Teacher Options:


Teacher Specific Features:

My Classes:

Classes you've created in ZMS that are assigned to the teacher will show up in this tab:


Selecting one of these classes will show all the students that are in this class, you can create seperate groups inside this class with the "+" button.


What can I do with a Class?

Pressing the "+" in the bottom right of the App will list all the options you can use within the class:

  • Unlock: Clears the selected devices of all restrictions;
  • Install AppsInstalls selected apps on student iPads;
  • Attention: Sends a notification to the selected devices;
  • Restrictions: Allows/Disallows the usages of certain features on the device;
  • Weblock: Whitelist certain websites, other websites will be blocked, it is also possible to lock students in safari;
  • Applock: Create a list of allowed apps for your class. Any unlisted Apps will be hidden (The only exception is the settings App, we cannot hide the Settings App due to a policy from Apple);
  • Start Lesson: Explained in detail in the next section. 

Prepare Lessons:

In the teacher app it is possible to prepare lessons that can later be used, If you do not have any lessons prepared the app will prompt you to create your first lesson:

When you create a lesson there is a bunch of options you use:

  • Create a list of allowed apps. Any unlisted app will be hidden;
  • Create a list of allowed sites. Any unlisted site will be blocked;
  • Restrictions (Allow use of camera, use of Safari, etc.)

When you've created a lesson you can use this lesson when you're in a class: 

To learn more about the Student side of the app please take a look at the following guide: ZuluDesk App Student Overview.

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