Mounting a Network Drive on a macOS Device using Jamf School

It is possible to configure a network mount on macOS using a managed profile. When creating a profile for macOS devices it is possible to configure the following 2 items:

  • Login Items
  • Login Window

Having these 2 items configured will allow a user to log into a network drive when booting a macOS device.

Login Items:


When configuring a (authenticated) network drive, please keep in mind the following address formats when naming a path:

Sharing Protocol Address Format
SMB/CIFS (Windows) servers and shared folders



You can also use the computer name. If you don’t specify the shared folder as part of the address, you can choose it after you enter your user name and password.

AFP File Sharing



NFS server nfs://DNSname/pathname

Note: When configuring a network mount in Jamf School, Hostname and Volume are in the following order: Protocol://Hostname/Volume

Login Window:

In the login window you can configure several things;

  • Window options:
    • Menu Bar
    • Banner
    • Login Prompt
  • Options
    • Show password hint when needed (and available)
    • Disable automatic login
    • Enable console login
    • Enable fast user switching
    • Log out after x amount of inactivity

Once both fields are configured, upon booting a macOS device the mount will either be automatically mounted or the user will have to log in (Depending on your configuration).



Please take a look at Apple's official documentation on Network drives for more information:

macOS Sierra: Network address formats for shared computers and servers

How to connect with File Sharing on your Mac

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