Making a log file using Apple Configurator 2

Sometimes support will ask you to make a log file using AC2. This is very helpful for our developers to pinpoint a possible problem. Making a log is done in a few simple steps.

Steps to take:

  • Connect the device to your Mac/Macbook with AC2 installed;
  • Get to the console of your device;
  • Log your problem;

Connect the device to your Mac/Macbook:

After you've connected your device you can see it show up in AC2. 

Get to the console log of your device:

Right click the device and click on "Get Info" this will open up your device's info.

When you're on the device info screen, on the left side select console and you will start logging your device.

Logging your Problem

Note: Before you start logging your bug/problem it is advised to first clear the log by clicking the clear button in the bottom of the log.

When you're asked to log a problem try to reproduce the problem as much as possible. After you've reproduced your problem, select your whole log (cmd+a) and click "Save Selection" in the bottom right. This will prompt you to save your .log file somewhere.

Now that you've got a log file of your problem you can upload this to your ticket within Jamf School. Thanks for providing us with valuable information regarding your problem.

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