How to renew an Apple Push Certificate

Apple requires the Apple Push Certificate (APNS) to be renewed every 365 days. The process for renewing the Apple Push Certificate is essentially the same as creating a new one. The critical difference, however, is that the existing certificate must be renewed, and re-uploaded into the settings. If a new certificate is created, on the other hand, currently enrolled iOS devices will not be able to receive MDM commands unless they are re-enrolled.

Please be sure to follow these instructions carefully, as mistakes can cause the original certificate to be lost, requiring manual re-enrollment of every managed device.

If you do not renew your certificate before it expires, we will be unable to communicate with your devices.

Step 1: download the renew Certificate Signing Request

In Jamf School navigate to Organisation -> Settings -> Apple Push Notification Service and click on the blue “Renew Push Certificate” button.

In the modal that will open, click on the blue “Download Certificate Signing Request” button. We’ll need it in the next step so remember where you saved it.

Step 2: renew the certificate at Apple

In another browser window or tab, go to the Apple Push Certificates Portal. Login with the Apple ID that was originally used to create the push certificate. Find the certificate that matches the expiration date and click on the “Renew” button.

Note: Do not Revoke the certificate or Create a Certificate. Both of these options will result in all Apple devices requiring re-enrollment.

Next, upload the Certificate Signing Request downloaded in step 1 and click on the blue “Upload” button.

The next page confirms that the certificate was renewed successfully and includes the new expiration date. Click on the blue “Download” button to get the new certificate.


Step 3: upload the certificate to Jamf School

Back in Jamf School, click on “Choose File” and browse to the certificate that was just downloaded. This file should begin with “MDM_ Zulu Education Products B.V.”. Next, click on the blue “Save” button.

Step 4: you’re done!

Once the certificate is uploaded, you should see the expiration date is updated.

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