Add Jamf School as MDM on

Get all your institutionally-owned devices automatically enrolled in Jamf School, without touching the device! Jamf School is now ready for Device Enrollment Program (DEP). To start, you have to add Jamf School as MDM server on


Steps to take:

  • Obtain your Public Key from Jamf School;
  • Create a new MDM server at and upload your Public Key;
  • Upload the server token to Jamf School.


Obtain your Public Key from Jamf School:

In Jamf School go to “Organisation” -> “Settings” -> “DEP”, click on the “Configure DEP” button and download the Public Key.

Create a new MDM server at and upload your Public Key:

  1. Navigate to and log in with the Apple ID you’ve used to sign up for DEP;
  2. Click on “MDM Servers” -> “Add New MDM Server”;
  3. Give the new MDM server a name, for example “Jamf School”;
  4. Upload the Public Key you’ve downloaded from Jamf School and click on the “Save” button;
  5. Click on the “Get Token” button.
  6. Click on the “Your Server Token”. This will download the generated token to your computer. Remember the location the token is downloaded to, you will need it later to upload it to Jamf School;


Upload the Server Token to Jamf School:

  1. In Jamf School navigate to “Organisation” -> “Settings” -> “DEP”;
  2. Upload the Server Token you’ve downloaded from the DEP Portal;
  3. Click on the “Save” button;
  4. If everything succeeded, you’ll see DEP is now “Enabled and running”. You’re now ready to create DEP profiles and assign them to your devices. Click here to learn how to do this..
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