Configure and deploy a DEP profile in Jamf School for iOS, MacOS and TvOS

After you’ve set up DEP in Jamf School, you can start defining DEP profiles and assign them to your devices.

Steps to take:

  • Assign devices to Jamf School;
  • Define a DEP profile;
  • Assign profiles to your devices;
  • Remove a profile from your devices.


Assign devices to Jamf School:

  1. Navigate to and log in with the Apple ID you’ve used to sign up for DEP;
  2. Click on “Device Enrollment Program” -> “Manage Devices”;
  3. Provide either a list of Serial Numbers (separated with a comma) or an Order Number;
  4. At the “Choose Action” section make sure the first option is set to “Assign to Server”. At the “Choose MDM Server” field you have to select the MDM server you’ve created earlier;
  5. Click on the blue “OK” button;
  6. Within approximately 2 minutes, Jamf School will populate the “Devices” -> “DEP” page with all the devices that have been assigned.


Define a DEP Profile:

  1. In Jamf School navigate to “Profiles” -> “DEP Profiles”;
  2. Select the type of profile you would like to create;
  3. A wizard will popup that’ll help you to create the DEP Profile.;
  4. Complete the fields/selections that appear:
    1. Name: a friendly name of the profile
    2. Support phone number: a number provided to users during setup which they can call if help is required (optional)
    3. Support department: the name of the department who is managing the devices (optional)
    4. Set device name: rename the devices you enroll with DEP(optional)
    5. Options:
      1. Allow pairing with other computers: tick this box if you want the devices to be able to connect to other computers
      2. Allow removal of the MDM profile: tick this box if you want users to be able to remove the Jamf School profile. This means you will no longer be able to manage the device!
    6. Require authentication for enrollment: tick this box if you want to require authentication for the device enrollment to Jamf School.
      1. Make authenticated user the device owner: tick this box if you want to make the authenticated user the owner of the device.
    7. Enable Shared iPad: tick this box if you want to make use of the Shared iPad functionality. (note: when using the Shared iPad functionality step 9 will be unavailable)
      1. Max. number of users: enter a number to set a maximum amount of users to use this Shared iPad. (optional) note: If the number is greater than the maximum possible number of users supported on the device, the device will be configured with the maximum possible number of users instead.
    8. Skip: steps of the setup process to skip. They can be complete later if needed. Keep in mind:
      1. An Apple ID must be associated to the device before any apps can be installed. If this step is skipped during setup, it must be completed later;
      2. If you choose to skip the “Location Services” step, the device will not automatically set the date and time and will not be able to use “Find my iPad”
  5. Click on the “Save” button;
  6. You’ve successfully defined a DEP profile!

It can take up to 5 minutes before the profile is actually pushed to new devices!


Assign profiles to your devices:

  1. In Jamf School navigate to “Devices” -> “DEP”;
  2. A list of devices that are associated with your DEP account should appear;
    Please note it can take up to 2 minutes for new devices to show up in Jamf School!
  3. Tick the boxed in front of the devices to select the devices you want to assign a DEP profile to. If you’ve selected all desired devices, click on the “Assign profile” button;
  4. In the popup that’ll appear, select the profile you want to assign to the selected devices;
  5. Click on the blue “Save” button;
  6. The profile is now successfully assigned to the selected devices. Brand-new devices will automatically receive the settings during the initial activation. Existing devices which are already set up, should be reset. To do so: on the device navigate to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Reset” -> “Erase All Content and Settings”. Confirm by tapping “Erase”.


Remove a profile from your devices

  1. In the event a device needs to be reset and managed under different conditions, the settings applied via DEP can be removed. To do so: in Jamf School navigate to “Devices” -> “DEP”;
  2. Tick the boxed in front of the devices to select the devices you want to remove the profile from. If you’ve selected all desired devices, click on the “Unassign profile” button;
  3. Confirm by clicking the “Save” button.

Please keep in mind that if the selected device(s) have already obtained a profile, this unassign has no effect until the device(s) is wiped and activated again.

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