How to import users & groups using EdeXML (ParnasSys & Esis)

Both ParnasSys and Esis can generate an EdeXML file which contains relevant information about the school like groups, students and teachers. Jamf School can import this file, making configuring a lot easier. 

Steps to take:

  • Generate the EdeXML from ParnasSys or Esis;
  • Import the generated file in the Jamf School Management System.

Generate the EdeXML:

School -> Export -> Edex -> Choose version “1.03” -> Click on “Genereer Edex bestanden”

Uitvoer -> Export -> EdeXML

Save the generated file(s) to a folder on your computer. 

Import the generated file in the Jamf School Management System:

  • In the Jamf School Management System go to “Organization” -> “Import / Export”;
  • Click on “Import users from EdeXML”;
  • Select the XML file you’ve just generated from ParnasSys or Esis;
  • Leave the “Automatically create students groups” checked if you want to create student groups and make student a member of the group they’re in according to the EdeXML file;
  • Select the default group for both the Students and Teachers. Students will become a member of both the selected groups and the group in the EdeXML file if the “Automatically create students groups” option is checked;
  • Click on the “Start Import” button. You will be directed to the Import / Export page again where you can see the progress of the task;
  • Once finished, you can see how many users & groups are imported or download the log file Jamf School generated.

Log files are automatically deleted every night at 00:00.

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