How to create an Apple Push Certificate

Devices enrolled prior to May 2nd, 2017 are managed by the Jamf School Push Certificate. To check if your devices are managed by Jamf School, go to Organisation -> Settings -> Apple Push Notification Service. If the Push Topic is equal to “” the devices are managed by the Jamf School Push Certificate


You can choose to create your own certificate for future enrollments, this is required after December 31st, 2019. Existing enrollments will keep using the Jamf School Certificate unless you re-enroll them. Best practice is to use an Apple ID in the Apple Push Certificate Portal that belongs to your organization rather than a personal account, if possible. Losing access to the original Apple ID (and therefore the original Apple Push certificate) would result in losing management of the previously enrolled devices.

Step 1: download Certificate Signing Request

Click on the blue “Create own Certificate” to start the process. In the modal that will open, click on the blue “Download Certificate Signing Request” button. We’ll need it in the next step so remember where you saved it.



Step 2: create the certificate at Apple

Sign into the Apple Push Certificates Portal with an existing Apple ID and click on “Create a Certificate”


Upload the file you downloaded in Step 1 and follow the prompts.


Download the Apple Push Certificate in return. Remember where you saved it, we’ll need it in the next step.



Step 3: upload the certificate to Jamf School

Upload the MDM certificate you downloaded from the Apple Push Certificates Portal in the previous step. This establishes trust between your Jamf School account and Apple. Make sure you enter the Apple ID you’ve used to generate this certificate as you need it next year to renew the certificate.


Step 4: you’re done!

Click on the blue “Save” button to continue. You should see the certificate is uploaded. Please keep in mind that from now on, you have to renew the certificate every year. To do so, read the “How to renew an Apple Push Certificate” article.


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