How to connect Apple School Manager with Jamf School

It is possible to connect Apple School Manager with Jamf School and sync the users, you have two options in regards to how you want your setup to work:

  • One-way: This means that data will only get synced from ASM to Jamf School
  • Two-way: This means that data will get synced from ASM to Jamf School, but also from Jamf School to ASM

One-way Synchronization:

Within Jamf School you can set the different Apple School Manager location to be synchronized to Jamf School. These options are found under Organisation > Settings > Apple School Manager, provided you have a DEP token uploaded

Two-way Synchronization:

Two way sync provides you with the option of uploading any edited data back to Apple School Manager

Keep in mind: A sync from Jamf School to Apple School Manager is always done Manually.

  • Follow the steps in One-way Synchronization in order for the Apple School Manager to Jamf School sync to be set up correctly.

You should configure the settings with the "Enable creating any missing users/classes" disabled in order to avoid any users being added to Jamf School before the sync is fully set up.

After you've set this up you should perform a "Synchronize Now" from the dashboard, If any errors occur they will show up there. Please resolve any issues that occur here.

After the Synchronization is complete you have to setup Apple School Manager SFTP to upload data from Jamf School to Apple School Manager. 

  • During the initial SFTP connection a second location will be automatically created in ASM as it is not possible to upload to the main location in ASM
  • Setting up the SFTP settings is also done in the Organisation settings under the "Apple School Manager SFTP" tab.

After you've set up your Apple School Manager SFTP settings you can now manually upload your Jamf School Users and Classes to Apple School Manager. This is done in the "Classes" tab using the Upload to ASM button. Note this is a manual upload !

Keep in mind: In the case of a parent-child setup the upload can only be done from the parent's environment.

Additional information:

  • The keys "Enable creating any missing users" and "Enable creating any missing classes" in the DEP token are very important. They define how non-matched data from Apple School Manager is being imported to Jamf School. The user or class will be created with the data provided from Apple School Manager.
  • Data is initially matched by Full Name. When a match has been made, a relation between the system is made on Jamf School's side.
  • If no user is found within Jamf School and "Enable creating any missing users / classes" is disabled, it will be displayed on the Jamf School Dashboard.
  • SFTP Upload is a manual action performed from the "Classes" tab using the "Upload to Apple School Manager" button.


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