How to distribute apps to macOS clients

Distributing App Store apps to macOS clients is only possible with apps you’ve purchased through the Volume Purchase Program. 

Steps to take:

  • Enable VPP in Jamf School;
  • Buy one or more macOS apps using the VPP Portal;
  • Define a scope and start distributing apps. 

Enable VPP in Jamf School:

If you haven’t already enabled VPP in Jamf School, please check out our deployment guide on how to do so.

Buy one or more macOS apps using the VPP Portal:

  1. Navigate to, choose the Education or Business store and login with your VPP Apple ID;
  2. Enter the search term and choose “Mac Apps” as the “Media type” and click on the “Search” button;
  3. Click on the name of the app you want to distribute and enter the amount of licenses you need. Next click on the “Review order” button;
    Note: you can always buy the same app again if you need more licenses at a later time.
  4. Click on the “Place order” button to confirm the order;
  5. Apple will start generating the licenses you’ve just purchased. Depending on the amount, this may take some time. You’ll be notified by mail once this process is completed. After a couple of minutes, the app(s) will automatically show up in Jamf School at the “Apps” page;

Define a scope and start distributing apps:

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to the newly added App;
  2. Add a device group to the App;
  3. The “Clients in scope” table will automatically update and reflects the devices that’ll receive the app.
    Note: only user that have the “Associated” VPP status will receive the app and show up in the “Clients in scope”!
  4. Click on the “Save” button to save the scope. In a couple of minutes, the license of the app will be assigned to the clients and the app will automatically start installing.
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