Getting an iPad ready for Jamf School (Supervised Mode)

You can use this procedure to prepare iPads if you are not using DEP (Device Enrollment Program) We will use Apple Configurator 2 on a Mac to prepare the devices. Make sure you aren't logged in with your Apple ID on Apple Configurator 2


  • A macOS device
  • Apple Configurator 2
  • Optional: a USB hub to configure multiple iPad’s at once.

Create a blueprint:

  1. Open Apple Configurator 2, click on “Blueprints” and choose for the option “Edit Blueprints”;
  2. Click on the “New” button in the bottom left of the window. A new blueprint will be created, give this new blueprint a name (for example: “Jamf School Supervised”);
  3. Select the newly created blueprint and click on the “Prepare” button;
  4. Choose “Manual” for the Configuration option and click on the “Next” button;
  5. Choose “New server…” for Jamf School Devices -> Enroll Device(s) URL in the “Enrollment URL” field and click on the “Next” button;
  6. Choose “*.zuludesk” for the anchor certificate and click on the “Next” button;
  7. Check the box at for the “Supervise devices” option and optionally also check the box for “Allow devices to pair with other computers” and click on the “Next” button;
  8. Enter information about your organisation and click on the “Next” button;
  9. Click on “Generate a new supervision identity” and click on the “Next” button;
  10. Optional: choose the steps you want to skip during the setup and click on the “Prepare” button when you’re ready;
  11. Click on the “Done” button at the bottom right of the window to save the blueprint and return to the view with all connected devices.

Apply the blueprint:

  1. Connect one or more devices using, for example, an USB hub;
  2. Select the devices you want to enroll in Jamf School (tip: use cmd + a to select all currently connected devices);
  3. Click on the “Blueprints” button, click on the blueprint you’ve just created and click on “Apply” to start applying the blueprint to the selected device(s);

You’re done! Apple Configurator will automatically download and install the latest iOS, supervise the device and enroll it in Jamf School.

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