Enroll Apple TV into Jamf School

*This article is for 3rd and 4th generation Apple TV only. There are no OS demands, but from tvOS 10.2 there are extra functions like DEP and Enterprise App installations available.

Next to iPhones, iPods, iPads and Mac’s you can also manage Apple TV’s using Jamf School. To do so:

Steps to take:

  • Download and install Apple Configurator 2;
  • Download the Management Profile from Jamf School;
  • Connect the Apple TV using an USB-C cable;
  • Enroll the Apple TV in Jamf School.

Download and install Apple Configurator:

Search for “Apple Configurator 2” in the Mac App Store and install it.

Download the Management profile:

In Jamf School go to “Devices” -> “Enroll Device(s)” -> “Manually (iOS & macOS)” and download the management profile by clicking on the “Download Management Profile..” link.

Connect the Apple TV 4k to Apple Configurator 2 using WiFi:

  1. Make sure that your Mac and Apple TV are on the same network.
  2. On your Apple TV, go to Setting > Remotes and Devices > Remote App and Devices.
  3. On your Mac launch Apple Configurator.
  4. From the Apple Configurator 2 menu choose Paired Devices.
  5. Select your Apple TV in the Paired Deices list and click Pair.
  6. On your Mac, enter the 6 digit pin that appears on the screen of your Apple TV.
  7. Select your Apple TV in the device window of the Apple Configurator.

Connect the Apple TV using an Micro USB cable:

The only way to enroll the Apple TV is by connecting it with an USB-C cable to your computer. To do so:

  1. Connect the USB-C cable;
  2. Put in the power cable.
  3. Put in a network cable with an active internet connection. (This works better then configuring through WiFi)

Make sure you execute the steps in the order described above.

Enroll the Apple TV in Jamf School:

On your computer, start Apple Configurator. If the Apple TV is connected correctly, you will see your Apple TV in the list of devices.


  • Select the Apple TV and click “Add”;
  • Click “Profiles”;
  • Select the Management Profile you’ve downloaded from Jamf School and click “Add”;
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