How to configure ZuluDesk Parent (iOS & Webapp)

To use ZuluDesk Parent, a couple of steps need to be taken.

Please keep in mind that the Child's iPad has to be supervised for the parent App to work properly.

Steps to take:

  1. Enable ZuluDesk Parent;
  2. Create a “Parents” group;
  3. Import parents and generate their accounts OR manually create accounts and accounts. 

Step 1: Enable ZuluDesk Parent

  • In ZMS go to Organisation > Settings > ZuluDesk Parent
  • Enable ZuluDesk Parent

Step 2: Create a Parent group

  • In ZMS add a new group
  • You will be directed to the newly created group details page. On that page, make sure the ZuluDesk Parent feature is set to Allow.

Step 3: Import parents and generate their account

ZuluDesk can easily create parent accounts for you using a CSV import file. You can manually create this file or export one from SOMToday. To do so: 

Export from SOMToday

  • In SOMToday go to: “Leerlingen” -> “Rapporteren” -> “Vrij exporteren” -> select the desired students you want to import in ZuluDesk -> Click on “Selecteren exportvelden” -> make sure you select the following fields:
    • Personalia -> Leerlingnummer
    • Verzorgers -> Voorletters verzorger
    • Verzorgers -> Voorvoegsel verzorger
    • Verzorgers -> Achternaam verzorger
    • Verzorgers -> E-mail verzorger
  • Click on “Exporteren”


  • In ZMS go to Organisation > Import / Export and import Parents from CSV
  • Select the parent group you’ve created in the Parent group field
  • Select the CSV file you’ve just created
  • Optional: Check the “Automatically create login details and send them by mail” box if you want to send the newly created login details to the parents’ e-mail address. Note: If you choose to create and send the login details automatically you have to specify the message that’ll be send by mail and the password complexity
  • Click on the “Start Import” button and wait for the import to complete. Please note this might take some time depending of the number of entries in your CSV file.

Step 3: (Optional) Manually create accounts

If you don’t want to use a CSV file to import the parents, you can add them manually. To do so:

  • In ZMS go to Users & Groups > Overview
  • Add a new user
  • Enter the details of the parent account you want to create and make sure you select the Parent group you’ve just created at the member field
  • You’ll be redirected to the newly created parent account once you've created one
  • Edit the details of the parent and select the children of this parent in the children field

Repeat this step for every parent you want to add. After creating all parents, you have to generate login details and send them by mail:

  • In ZMS go to Users & Groups > Overview
  • Filter all the parents:Screen_Shot_2017-12-06_at_10.20.35.png

  • Click on the checkbox in the header of the table to select all users in the list and click on the “Generate accounts” button;
  • Enter the message you want to send and determine the password complexity, click on the “Generate” button if you’re done configuring.

You’re done!

The parents can now install the free ZuluDesk Parent app from the iOS App Store ( or open the ZuluDesk Parent web app at

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