How to set a macOS wallpaper

Setting a wallpaper for macOS clients is possible using Jamf School Management System. There are 2 options, set a wallpaper that is available in the Self Service app or distribute it through a Package and a restriction profile.

Self Service:

Click the Wallpaper menu item in Jamf School, click the upload button and upload the wallpaper.
These wallpapers will be available in the Self Service app and can be installed by the user.

Steps to take:

  • Create a package;
  • Distribute your package;
  • Create a profile;
  • Distribute your profile;

Build your package:

  1. Build your own package using this guide How to build packages for macOS;
  2. Add the wallpaper to the package in the folder “Users/Shared”
    Note: Make sure you have at least one application in this package.

Distribute the package:

Distribute your package to macOS Clients using this guide How to distribute In-House Packages to macOS Clients 

Configure a wallpaper profile:

  1. Create a macOS profile, add the desired groups to the Scope and click on the “Create New Profile” button to save.
  2. Configure “Restrictions” – “Functionality” and select “Lock Desktop picture”. Add the path to the wallpaper e.g. “/Users/Shared/wallpaper.jpg” save the profile.
  3. In a couple of minutes, the profile will be assigned to the clients in the Scope and will automatically start installing.
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